"We prefer to ex-seed your expecations!" 

Wildcat Feeds Description

At Preferred Crop Solutions (PCS), we do more than just sell seed!  We give you a broad choice of seed products and Ag services to help you produce more!

It’s all about getting the very most out of every acre! 

Our Agronomists will carefully analyze your exacting needs and supply the best choice of seed that best fits your farm. 

At PCS, we start with a proper plan!

Our Agronomists analyze your entire farm knowing that soil types and growing conditions vary from field to field, season to season!  They carefully study results from research test plots throughout your area to get the best combination of seed genetics for each field on your farm.  They choose the seed that will maximize the yield for your particular growing conditions and management practices.

At PCS seed planting is a science!  

Our Agronomists look carefully at proper planting times when planning your seed delivery schedule.   Optimum soil temperature and moisture level are analyzed to insure that timing of seed planting is based on the exact conditions of each field.  We advise on seed depth and spacing rate factors to optimize proper plant density.   We also supply and recommend the application of any seed treatment products necessary at planting.

Wildcat Feeds Services2

At PCS crop protection is a priority!
We will manage the protection of your crop!  Our Agronomists identify specific pests, plant diseases, and weed issues that can potentially affect your crop yield.  We recommend and supply specific treatment options that will assure that you are not losing valuable production per acre!

But we don't stop there! 

At PCS, we are experts in "Precision Ag" services!
Our ground-up approach to precise GPS field mapping makes us the best in the business when it comes to information- and technology-based farm management systems.  Let us specifically define varying soil densities and topological differences within your fields and recommend ways to optimally manage and "precision farm" each to get you maximum ROI!

                 . . . and let's not forget PCS-Cover Crops!  At PCS, we are the pros in the selection, blending, and management  of your all-important cover crops.  Our farm-specific blends will vastly improve your soil health and increase your cash crop yeilds!

It's all right here at PCS, where you always get superior products, personalized service, and hands-on support! 

Our Agronomists will never stop providing outstanding value to your farm operations!  No matter what your crop, from cash to cover, think Preferred Crop Solutions!

It’s a promise!   “We will ex-seed your expectations!”

At PCS it's all about you!  Give Andy and his fine staff a call today at (785) 564-2832.